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Dreamsessions.org launch tonight (September 1st, 2017), in Eugene, OR, 101 Nights, work and project of Guillaume Dumas, Nathalie Regard, and Roberto Toro.

You can follow the project on Twitter with the hashtag , or check the data here (EEG + log of the messages sent during the night).

Dream Sessions is an art and cognitive neuroscience initiative by the artist Nathalie Regard in collaboration with the neuroscientist Roberto Toro, and Guillaume Dumas. The objective is to confront the subjective, personal perception of her dreams with an objective, quantitative analysis, through brain recordings, seeking to establish a bridge between these two dimensions.

Starting on September 1st 2017, and during 101 Nights, they will collect the electrical activity of Nathalie's brain while sleeping with high-density electroencephalography. They will explore the possibility of interfering her dreams (with an external stimuli) susceptible to intermingling with autobiographical memory. Roberto and Guillaume developed a method so that each time the interception is integrated into the plot of her dreams, a correspondence can be created a posteriori between the EEG signal analysis and story.

A real-time monitoring of the 101 Nights will be put in place and the data (EEG, interceptions, dream stories) are openly available here.

The recent interest in new media and neuroscience has facilitated the rise of artistic approaches questioning openly how profoundly our perception is influenced by the unconscious and how the studying of its mechanisms enable to improve the way we think out our relation to the world. As a painter Nathalie Regard has made her practice evolve from the field of representation towards an increasingly sedimentary approach of the image turned into a code. Her phenomenological reflection has always gone hand in hand with some parallel work of observation and transcription of her dreams.

The daily exercise of dreams transcription has trained Nathalie to remember them with ever growing precision. The distinctive feature of a dream is to create a reality which we witness from the outside even though it comes from the inside. Nathalie Regard infiltrates this discrepancy through a physiological exploration of the dream activity. A branch of the cognitive science called situated cognition or embodied cognition supports the idea that the brain cannot be understood unless it is studied as being part of a body or a given situation.

With the collaboration of neuroscientist Roberto Toro and Guillaume Dumas who are neuroscientist (Institut Pasteur) and EGI, Electrical Geodesics Inc., Dream Sessions has developed an experimental protocol of sleep monitoring. This protocol integrates Nathalie Regard's body in a context of study allowing her to reconstruct how dreams emerge through the permanent exchange between the inside and the outside, the internal perception and the environment. For more than 101 Nights her dreams are going to be electrically recorded (EEG) and auditory stimulated. Those inceptions will occasionally demonstrate their influence in the account of her dreams. These correspondence between brain activity and the subjective experience of dreaming are going to turn into tangible forms, such as bas-relief made from encephalographic data in 3D. For instance, those abstract landscapes can be seen as trophies from impossible quests. This project bears testimony of the fragile connections between sleep and wakefulness, but also demonstrates the possibility of interaction with a physical memory opening onto a broadened awareness of our presence in the world.

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